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Clayton Christensen’s book, How Will You Measure Your Life? –Using Lessons from Some of the World’s Greatest Businesses – provides a great source of reflection as we start 2016.
As we start a new year, with all of the promise and opportunity that holds, how clear are you on your purpose in life? How committed are you to your purpose? Christensen asks, “Is 98% enough?” And how will you measure the achievement of your purpose?
Christensen says that his purpose is ‘being dedicated to helping improve the lives of other people and being a kind, honest, forgiving and selfless husband, father and friend.’ He also includes his commitment to his faith.
His measurement of this is each person whose life he has touched in a positive way.
As business leaders, we have an immeasurable ability to grow people and improve their lives, both through the way we lead them and the example we set for them. Our family, friends and community are another rich opportunity to influence in a positive way.
Are you clear about your own purpose in life? Do you live it 100% of the time? How will you know as you look back, that you have fully lived your purpose?
As we start this year, filled with good intentions, I challenge you to seek clarity on your specific purpose so that you can become more conscious of living it by letting it guide the decisions you make. It’s easy to become distracted under pressure. Holding fast to who you choose to be in the world will enable you to achieve far more than giving in to the daily frustrations and fears. Clarity on your purpose will make choices simpler and fulfilment assured. It will keep you steadfast at times when the world around you seems to be off balance.