More media events

More busy times in the media.  Last Friday I was invited onto the SAfm morning show.  The topic was leadership in times of crisis and we had a great talk about how business needs to invest in people and specifically in leadership even during times of crises.  

Today I went to Cape Town to record a show with Sbu Leope for Kicking Doors, a great inspirational evening show aimed at young high earning entrepreneurs.  I was talking about coaching and specifically what coaching can do for leaders.  Sbu was a great interviewer, high energy and really engaged.  It's tough to keep the same energy when you are sitting all alone in a cold studio in Cape Town and he's having great fun with his other guest in the studio in Johannesburg but it was fun trying!.

Looking forward to seeing you it works out and I'll post the link to the show here after it airs next week.  2030 on CNC Africa on Tuesday 26 July 2016.