Coaching Teams

Coaching is a powerful performance tool and coaching teams can unleash their potential. How? By working together in a safe environment, teams begin to deepen their understanding of one another.  They start to engage around the possibilities they share to enhance future performance.

Our aim is to grow performance potential in teams and to do so we use a range of tools, of which coaching is the foremost.  We will also use consulting and mentoring to help teams understand where their strengths lie and how they can engage those strengths to enhance performance.  

What kind of challenges does your team face?  

Contact us at the Woodburn Mann Leadership Science Institute to see how we can help.

Not only is it your professionalism and enthusiasm, but the way the team responded to the coaching session: from skepticism to “why haven’t we ever done this before?” Without exception they are asking for another get together
— Alex van Heeren, Owner, Grande Provence Wine Estate